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Active Military Service Members Who are Seeking Divorce Information

Active Military Service Members Who are Seeking Divorce Information

There are many reasons for divorce, and if your spouse has served you with divorce papers, your next step should be going to see an attorney right away. It cannot be overemphasized how essential it is to find the right divorce lawyer to help you on how to proceed with the case. A Mesa AZ military divorce lawyer will usually ask questions about the marriage and the reasons for divorce. They will need to know more information about the length of military service and what benefits the service member and the nonmilitary spouse currently receive. This information can be used to help in determining spousal and child support.

A lawyer trained in military divorces will be able to guide you on what to ask for in a divorce. They will know that in the military divorce process, the current rule looks at 20 years of military service and 20 years of marriage. It is then important to consider how much of the marriage overlaps with the duration of service. For example, if the marriage was less than 20 years and the person served in the military less than 20 years, then the benefits that the nonmilitary spouse is entitled to will be reduced. However, this is in contrast to a marriage that lasted at least 20 years, and the spouse served in the military for at least 20 years of this marriage.

This is the basis for the divorce meaning of the 20-20-20 rule in which there are 20 years of active service, married for 20 years, and having 20 years of the marriage and active service overlapping. The nonmilitary spouse in this situation could be entitled to retaining as many benefits as they had before the marriage was dissolved. This may include access to full benefits.

It is essential for service members and their nonmilitary spouses to have a thorough understanding of the divorce process and how a military divorce will affect them. There are specific aspects that will affect them when it comes to the length of time the person has served and the benefits a spouse may be entitled to. This is why only a divorce attorney who understands military divorce rate and divorce statistics can give the best advice on how to go forward with your case.

There are extra laws that will govern military divorce and alimony, and it is important to choose a lawyer who completely understands the process from start to finish. The best thing for anyone is to set up an initial consultation to discuss a military divorce child custody case. The attorney can explain various aspects of the case and let you know what information is needed to proceed with the divorce case.


Car Accident Attorney in Gilbert AZ

Hogle Injury Law Celebrates Another Year of Superior Client Service

Hogle Injury Law, Gilbert Personal Injury Attorney, Achieves Another Year of Successful Client Service 

Hogle Injury Law of Gilbert, AZ has achieved another year of success with its client service in the realm of injury law. With their experienced and dedicated team, they hope to continue to provide top of the line service to those requiring representation with any personal injury case.

Hogle Injury Law, Gilbert Personal Injury Attorney

If an individual or family member from Gilbert, AZ finds themselves injured in an accident that was due to the fault of another individual, the victim needs an experienced personal injury lawyer on their side. The team from Hogle Injury Law offers over fifty years of service in the realm of personal injury law and wants to help those injured get the compensation that they deserve. This Arizona personal injury firm understands the difficulties that come with a personal injury case, whether it is dealing with insurance companies or dealing with the actual physical injuries that one has experienced, this team will help the victim get what they need to get on the path to recovery. With another year of service under their belt, Hogle Injury Law is ready to continue into a new year with more superior client service.

Gilbert Personal Injury Lawyer

The realm of personal injury cases spreads very wide but has one constant: the injuries sustained by a victim were caused due to the fault of another party. Hogle Injury Law is prepared to offer their years of experience to get those injured due to another person’s fault the compensation they require and deserve. Whether one was harmed in a slip and fall accident, vehicle accident, or any other form of personal injury, this Arizona firm understands the level of dedication and commitment it requires to get the results that their clients demand.

Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are terrifying events to be a part of, especially when they are caused by a negligent party. These negligent actions can bring about hospital bills, missed work, and injuries both physically and mentally that may seem impossible to deal with. The injury attorneys in Gilbert are available to make the healing process easier with their representation. The dedicated and committed team will offer their guidance through all legal proceedings and keep the client involved every step of the way on the path of meeting the compensation goal that they are seeking. Monetary compensation does not heal physical wounds but it is a step in the right direction towards paying off expensive medical bills and covering all the time one may have missed from work. After celebrating another year of superior client service, the Hogle Injury Law injury claims team wants to carry into the new year with continued success for their clients.

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Hogle Injury Law – Gilbert is located at 4365 E Pecos Rd #138 in Gilbert, AZ and can be contacted via phone at 480-447-1512 or via email at For more information regarding their personal injury representation services as well as the super client services, visit their website at