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Life & Disability Insurance

Your life is precious and your loved ones are equally as precious. Make sure in the event of an untimely death or disability you and your loved ones are protected financially.

Have you thought of what would happen if you no longer were around to provide an income? What would life be like for your family and loved ones? The last thing you want to do is leave your family in a financial disaster. We buy insurance for our homes, our cars, and even our phones. But sometimes we overlook the most valuable asset of all, ourselves. This is where a proper life/disability policy can put our minds at ease.

Life Insurance:

When it comes to life insurance, there are a variety of options to choose from. However, there are two main policies that you should be most familiar with. They are:

Term life insurance. This type of life insurance is designed to cover a specific period of your life, whether five or 30 years. This is the preferred option for many individuals because it provides a great deal of coverage for a relatively low premium. The downside: no equity can be built and it will eventually expire. This is great for short term needs when life insurance is needed the most.

Permanent life insurance. A permanent life insurance policy does exactly what it says, stays permanently. The protection carries with you for your entire life, as long as you continue to pay the premium. While your premium may be higher than one with a term life policy, the upside is that it can build equity over time and will be there when you need it.

This may seem like a tough decision to make but our Arizona insurance agency is here to help you weigh the pros and cons of each option. Consider us your guide!

Disability Insurance:

According to the United States Census Bureau there are currently over 51 million people disabled in the United States. Every 2 seconds another person becomes disabled. Would being disabled keep you from doing your current occupation? Many of us protect our loved ones in the event of our death, what happens is we simply lose the ability to provide an income due to an accident, injury or sickness? This is where a proper disability policy can step in.

At Arizona National Insurance, we are dedicated to providing both affordable and comprehensive insurance and financial solutions. Please reach out to our advisors today to learn more about what you can do to safeguard your future. We look forward to evaluating your lifestyle and designing the perfect policy for you!

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